How Wattson Works In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 2 introduces a new battle pass and Wattson. We take a look at her usefulness and get creative. Captured on PS4.

32 thoughts on “How Wattson Works In Apex Legends

  1. Dude remember Doors try it on Market then Put some perimeter Fences on each side of the Indestructible Door outside of the building instead of destroying it will shut off then some delay mabye 1.5 seconds and try it 4 Fences on each one is countered to another Like an X mark they don't know whats coming this are my Tips for wattson

  2. I actually like using her, when I can pick her, she might not be a perfect character but don’t say she is a terribly hero if you haven’t tried to practice with her and get better with her whenever the matches allow you to chose her, gamespot seems kinder biased here, did they think she would be way better than anybody else playing?

  3. Redownloaded the game because of her and I’ve been having the most fun with the character she can be such a troll if you set things up perfectly, she is BAE

    Best team that me and my mates use is Wattson, Bloodhound and caustic you can lock down most areas especially buildings with her pillars and then little traps with caustics gases and bloodhound is there for scouting for enemies or swap Hound for Mirage to troll

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