Pro Tips & Secrets to get 20+ Kill Wins in Apex Legends!

How to win in Apex with 20+ Kills Tips and Tricks!

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42 thoughts on “Pro Tips & Secrets to get 20+ Kill Wins in Apex Legends!

  1. I have +2300 plus kills and still losing every game. ive watched every video on youtube and it still does not work. And I play for like 6-7 hours every single day. And ive been playing wish the ps4 controller for 4 year

  2. You dumb ass nigga. You call this an interview? You ask the man a question and then interrupt him and start laughing at your own sorry ass joke. What the fuck is wrong with you? Let the man speak.

  3. My highest kill game was 19 I've hit 19 kills so many times but yet to hit 20 either kill gets stolen or they are really weak and they ran a havoc with a peacekeeper btw if ur reading this ur gonna hit a 20 2nite

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