How EA nearly ruined Titanfall (and Apex Legends brought it back)

Apex Legends is good. But so was Titanfall. Why did one succeed where the other kinda sorta didn’t? Well, it might have to do with the choices a certain publisher made.

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35 thoughts on “How EA nearly ruined Titanfall (and Apex Legends brought it back)

  1. Stop spreading misinformation. The devs have stated before that they chose the week before COD:IW intentionally to fight for sales. BF1 had to be delayed, so there was nothing they could do.

  2. EA may own a few studios for "development", but you have to remember they are a publisher at their core – they've never been apologetic about the way they behave with ANY IP they support (even ones they created Day 1 themsevles). Nobody should expect them to change their attitude now.

  3. I picked up Titanfall 2 after playing Apex for a bit and it's possibly the best modern shooter I've ever played. Seriously go buy Titanfall, 2 it's fucking bonkers good. I've barely touched Apex ever since.

  4. No Titanfall is not excellent. Titanfall did get what its deserved. As you can see Apex has nothing to do also and game gets better reaction. Because its a better game. Its not about marketing, its about how much the game is good.
    Its a garbage Polygon video like "Why now is the best time to invest VR". This guy makes stupid videos.

  5. TitanFall 2 is fun to play, quick to learn and way better than people think. And yeah, the single player ruled maybe a little too short and i still play from time to time.

    P.D: How do bussiness work?". XD
    P.D 2: About Anthem: just today they fixed some of the problems it had… of course maybe too late.

  6. PSA from someone’s who’s been playing Titanfall 2 since launch: please experiment with weapons and load outs other than the cloak/spitfire combo. Do some of the weapons have steep learning curves? Sure, but trust me when i say very little compares to grappling across the map and popping an enemy with a Cold War

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