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  1. Try to wheeling when you are in Sector 8 Tunnel Parts, When you charge, tilt or press to turn which direction you want to go in tunnel. You will go to opposite direction which you don't want to go and causes you crash immediately. Charging in Sector 8 Tunnel Part is broken guys IMO…

  2. AJ the video from the sector 8 track YES! I keep posting off and on that there are bugs and hackers BIG TIME in Sector 8. I don't know why but has been that way for over a year that I have been playing. WOW. I don't know about the big bike update.. kinda weird seeing a "person" on a vehicle. I've always thought it was odd that none of the vehicles had drivers in them except then the Formula cars.. my M14A has a kinda driver in it..kinda funny watching the head turn when I turn the car. anyway.. I guess Gameloft doesn't/didn't want to spring some extra M O N E Y to put "drivers" in the cars.. like NFS or Project cars or pretty much any other racing game. so.. you streamed this SO EARLY.. omg was about 3 a.m. here so I missed it.. oh well. just catching couple high lights. see ya
    Bike Hype 2017..roflmao is funny

  3. +AnthonyJose Nice stream again, bro!

    LOL, I was actually going to leave a remark on your first China race there, it's an old Zen teaching: When you meet the Buddha, kill him! 😉 ☯

    But what's funny: Just as you were begging the AI during the Infected race in Sector 8, my juke here randomly played classic old The The's tune Infected: "Infect – me – with – your – lo-o-oh-ove! I got too much energy to switch off my mind, but not enough to get myself organized…" 🎶

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