Win More Gunfights in Apex Legends! (How to Get More Kills & Wins!)

Today I share a ton of great tips and tricks to help you win more gunfights and dominate the enemy in Apex Legends!



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44 thoughts on “Win More Gunfights in Apex Legends! (How to Get More Kills & Wins!)

  1. I get melted I put like a billion damage into a mf and he puts like 15 damage to me with gold shit on and I’m down like wtf dude these ppl needa fix their game I got only 5 wins

  2. Nah you this is not fornite the guns have a good amount of ammo this is not the guns from fornite that spam that would be annoying g that's why theirs accuracy and recoil duh

  3. Well I can’t get better no matter how hard I try. This game just has a learning curve that is way too steep. I did like this game but being killed over and over again gets prettify frustrating after a while. I’d literally sell my soul to the devil to be good at this game. Not even joking.

  4. all i want to know is how to make people die when i shoot them in the damn game. im tired of shooting them first and then getting rekt in the next second. like is there a way to do something other than collect items for the squad that kills you, because if not then this game will die from being so unfun to play.

  5. We've gotten better at the game. We finally know how to manage a fight when you are caught by different teams' cross fire, yet we get a lot of kills and die due to the lack of supplies and support. We need a third player. We always have one random on our team. We almost never have good communication with the random.

  6. These tips RRALLY helped. I'm new to Apex legends (just started 4 days ago), closest I ever got to victory before watching this video was 2nd place, but today I won 2 matches in a row and my last match I clutched it for my entire squad!

  7. Bro I play on 5-5, and my accuracy aiming with that sensitivity is pretty good. The problem is.. I could be shooting someone with a R301 nothing but headshots.. I knock off their shield ** switch weapon to my secondary (Spitfire or Piecekeeper) hit them in the head for 80, and they shoot me Twice… and I’m the dead one?? Lmaoo. I love this game, but they have to fix this problem..

  8. Just me or is this game a lil easy? I mean I’m dropping high kill games with only the wingman…? And you don’t really need the damage setting I’ve switched it multiple times and it doesn’t change much cause most people will just shield up again so if you drop someone low just push for the finish. Use different guns and attachments you have to experiment with then. I get at least one win every time I play. If you wanna play then add me on ps4 @ He_Motions

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