NFS Most Wanted – Blacklist 15 – Blow Me Away


15Ho “Sonny” Seun
14Vince “Taz” Kilic
13Victor “Vic” Vasquez
12Isabel “Izzy” Diaz
11Lou “Big Lou” Park
10Karl “Baron” Smit
9Eugene “Earl” James
8Jade “Jewels” Barrett
7Kira “Kaze” Nakazato
6Hector “Ming” Domingo
5Wes “Webster” Allen
4Joe “JV” Vega
3Ronald “Ronnie” McCrea
2Toru “Bull” Sato
1Clarence “Razor” Callahan

Music : Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away

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35 thoughts on “NFS Most Wanted – Blacklist 15 – Blow Me Away

  1. I've always wondered this when playing this game…
    …but where do the circles on the numbers go when you move onto the next Blacklist racer? Does your character erase it, or? Hmm. >.< Either way, this is a lovely game, and a very nice video. ^_^

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