Call Of Duty 4 – Multiplayer Mods (Hacks) Xbox 360

Today i will be showing you some of the many multiplayer mods in Cod4…
For anyone that wonders yes iam HOST and know how to make these mods myself…
The Mods in this video:
Super Jump
Super Speed
Infinite Ammo

50 thoughts on “Call Of Duty 4 – Multiplayer Mods (Hacks) Xbox 360

  1. havent they patched it now? even tho ive heard that you can get passed the update if u delete all the updates then dont sign in then acsept the update and sign in and out repeatedly and if that dont work ive had an email of a modding website claiming that somone has found away round but u have to pay $10 or w,e to get a mod package tho no idea if thats legit

  2. your so good at HC search and destroy! I shot you a million times then 2 times with a grenade launcher and you just walked up and knifed me! You wernt even the host! then when the match was over you said something and left. so my whole party file complained your ass.

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