Asphalt 8 MultiPlayer Lamborghini Aventador SV *So good*

Very Intense and Races with good opennents.
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MUsic: SNVWT – Veruna

SNVWT & K-M-E – Peace

33 thoughts on “Asphalt 8 MultiPlayer Lamborghini Aventador SV *So good*

  1. The dislikes are by:
    Vulcan Drivers
    A.H.G.T. Drivers
    MP4-31 Drivers
    MP4-25 Drivers
    Trion Drivers
    Devel 16 Drivers
    Corvette Grand Sport Drivers
    Arash AF10 Drivers
    Apollo Drivers
    X2 Drivers

    I love this car because it’s the only high-end S Class car and the best MP car I have

  2. I won the bike!! Or I won the last blue print to the Kawasaki Z800 and assembled it… I love that bike, and I am doing awesome in the grand finals.. And I have you BeaSt Ghost to thank for encouraging me to not quit… hugs and kisses to you my bestie… 🙂

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