Asphalt 8: McLaren MP4/8 Championship + New MP Season

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36 thoughts on “Asphalt 8: McLaren MP4/8 Championship + New MP Season

  1. "Asphalt Xtreme is DEAD!"

    I was so TRIGGERED after heaaring this line. I'm an AXtreme player & you claim THAT?!
    You say that it's dead because you didn't appreciated it, compare to the other players who are waiting for a good "Off-Road" Racing Game & now we have what we finally wished for.


  2. Hey, if someone who completed the Hommage R&D is here, please help! Read on.
    So, I have one question. How did you complete the R&D with school in the way? Did you have enough time? Did you have to autopass a lot of tests? Help me please. I want to know if its possible for me to finish the Hommage R&D if I have school.

  3. I agree you got skill.You know how to drive very well. But you don't know how to use your token. that's way your steam is boring. buy keys, tires,etc. your steam isn't interesting cuz of token. use it for your follower like Anthony.

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