Apex Legends Opening Cinematic

“Apex Legends” is a free to play Battle Royale game from Respawn Entertainment… the the team that brought you the Titanfall series and before that Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2. The game is available on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC
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38 thoughts on “Apex Legends Opening Cinematic

  1. To all of the people who know and plaid titan fall 2 that is the same guy in the part when you get captured by the enemy and he is telling you to tell B-T I think that is his name,to open up and then the blue ball.

  2. so what does this means for titans and pilots? The legends in game have jump kits but obviously arent pilos nor are they nearly as skilled or handle augments (octane's stim) as well as pilots

  3. so basically the people who played titanfall series and hop on apex be like old af and basically know the entire universe,god im jealous of y'all.now I'm like that dude who live in the frontier living for a fame and join your game

  4. In my opinion I think caustic's utimate shout be replaced with a grenade launcher that shoots three gas canisters. Because his abilitys are not to good and replacing it with this can make him a little more useful especially out in the open because he is not good outside with his abilitys.

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