Medal of Honor – Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer (Fallen Angel – Part 1)

That’s the blasting gameplay we’ve been expecting for Medal of Honor, the main competitor for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

24 thoughts on “Medal of Honor – Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer (Fallen Angel – Part 1)

  1. gamers i just want u to know that medal of honor
    and Call of Duty (black ops-MW2-cod4) they get evey thing real even in single player they get the country default gun and the guns has it's real range and damage and acuracy… damn i think they do researches !!

  2. I've seen CS:Source, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Bad company 2 and now Medal of Honor multiplayer gameplay. I found Medal of Honor to be the most realistic one. I haven't played them all to tell which one is the most fun, though.

    Excited for Battlefield 3.

  3. @deWalkthroughz omg dude i was talking about the sound? do u even read before u typ? and btw most games arnt realistic. i shoot real guns and its way diffrent then a game, and a game if for fun and its virtual lets keep it that way?

  4. @klydekyleproduction2 realistic? what's not realistic about Halo? must I remind you that it takes place in 2552??? So please don't tell me you like MW in which I LOVE the realism in that… lunge 20 feet knifing someone, survive a 2 story jump with full equipment on, unload 5 rounds into someone and then they manage you kill YOU… ya MW is really realistic, other than that BC2 is very well made and so is Halo

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