Counter Strike Xtreme V5 Zombie Mod

This game is based off Counter-Strike: Online and is and alternative if you have trouble playing on the Malaysia and Singapore servers

The Aim: The rounds starts where you choose your primary and secondary, you have 20 seconds to prepare or hide yourself (or like how i’ve done, run like f*ck just for the fun of it) one person in the server will turn into a zombie and if touched by him you turn infected as well, the round ends when all zombies are killed or everyone is infected.


29 thoughts on “Counter Strike Xtreme V5 Zombie Mod

  1. Works, but me don't work Zombie Mod and Zombie Scenario 🙁 . Me on Counter Strike Xtreme V5, Zombie Mod, me New Multiplayer Game, added bots and loaded and normal game not zombie mod…Why????Please for help the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -.- …

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