The LONGEST Battle – PS4 Apex Legends

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A HUGE battle here on Apex Legends. It seemed to go on for so long! I hope you guys enjoy today’s console Apex LEgends gameplay!

Music used:

Run – Ross Bugden:


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45 thoughts on “The LONGEST Battle – PS4 Apex Legends

  1. I try not to be one of those teammates that show up after the fact n loot the purple or gold loot, that shit is trash when my bunk ass teammates do that and are no help in a future fight with purple loot.

  2. He plays with no aggression what so ever. His first response to a gunfight is to pull out a damn wingman(worst gun in the game) and run away. He needs to pickup banners. He’s a pathfinder, it really isn’t hard.

  3. The games where he doesn’t attempt to get his teammates banners are the worse. He did have a change to get wraith back and she got mirage’s banner back not him. Either way good video

  4. The damage and everything in this game makes no sense and honestly needs to be fixed. I mean anytime you knock someone it says 100 damage done but I doubt it's only 100 lol. These people seem to have like 300-400 damage each time.

  5. hey bud, fun fact, not sure if you know or not, but when your teamate deployed his decoy into the caustic gas where you accidentally popped the barrel in bunker. If you re watch it actually displays where the caustic was. When you deploy a decoy into a caustic gas it shows where he is, as if he shot at the decoy 😉 Like it reveals his teams location as it would from someone shooting the deocy 🙂 6:25 in the video. Watch middle left of screen 😉 Also your gameplay, commentary, and videos are AWESOME. Keep up the great work bud!

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