DrDisRespect "Apex Legends Killed Blackout, But…." ~ Best DrDisRespect Moments #35

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28 thoughts on “DrDisRespect "Apex Legends Killed Blackout, But…." ~ Best DrDisRespect Moments #35

  1. You can’t call a game dead if it hasn’t made it to steam charts. That’s like saying when GTA 6 come out it will gain LOTS of players but that won’t mean Fortnite is dead.

  2. COD just needs to adapt the "ongoing game" model like Fortnite has. Right now they're stuck in 2005… releasing a game with piss poor updates and dividing the player base with garbage DLC.

  3. the real solution is developer need to think to respect player time and feeling. if you good player it's fine you can kick ass bad player, but as bad player spending time for loot only to get killed in second by good player it is suck,
    meanwhile apex let bad player live longer to understand and learning that's why it's fun for everyone,
    for example : we complain about lv. 3 armor in blackout but in apex we did not because everyone have big chance to got that armor + no annoying concussion

  4. They should bring back that game mode where you die & come back to life. But when you die you respawn with all your stuff & make the storm more slower also when it comes to the last few circles or whatever be no more respawns

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