Counter Strike Source Gameplay on Ubuntu 12.10 (Native)

This video demonstrates Counter Strike Source gameplay natively on High settings at 1920×1080 (fullscreen) on Ubuntu 12.10 64Bit.

I test CSS by playing a local match with bots on Easy. I go through several matches while having Frames Per Second enabled at the bottom center of the game screen, so we can see how the game fares.

Throughout the game, the fps averages above 100 at all times. This is pretty amazing considering I’m recording the game at the same time using vokoscreen for game…

27 thoughts on “Counter Strike Source Gameplay on Ubuntu 12.10 (Native)

  1. When I installed CSS I could hear things but I have a black screen. CSS worked fine in windows on the same PC but on Ubuntu I have that problem can anyone help?

  2. Nice gameplay bro. By the way, are you a Malaysian? Because you have a slight American accent and Malaysians don't speak with an American accent. Just being curious.

  3. iam suprised because most games from valve runs better on Ubuntu then they were on Windows (sorry for my english i'am still learning). My PC: GPU: Nvidia GT-520 CPU: AMD-4100 Fx quad core, 4GB RAM and 250GB HDD

  4. What is the FPS threshold of human perception? Like how many FPS are we capable of seeing, above which it's all gravy? Anyone know?

    I guess that as long as your game runs above that, you're good. I've played a lot of games in wine, and I had to take what I could get as far as FPS was concerned. Some ran very well, others didn't.

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