Call of Duty: WWII – The Vision Behind Call of Duty: WWII | PS4

At Sledgehammer Games, everything begins with authenticity. Take a look at the what Call of Duty: WWII means to the developers as they’ve brought the game to life over the past two years through art direction, audio design, and storytelling.

Watch the full-length reveal trailer:

Call of Duty: WWII arrives November 3rd, 2017. Pre-order Call of Duty: WWII now and secure your code…

36 thoughts on “Call of Duty: WWII – The Vision Behind Call of Duty: WWII | PS4

  1. Well we are glad that you made a ww2 game but let's be honest even though the fans wanted boots on the ground for a long time you made this game because BF1 succeeded

  2. Finally…this game is gonna be so special to me. As an Army Combat Arms veteran and huge WW2 history buff, I've seen waiting for a new ww2 game for ages now. Much respect to the American and Allied fallen soldiers and survivors who fought in this war. This is for you. Never forgotten.

  3. I wonder if when it comes back to being Sledgehammer's turn after this game they'll have a game called Call Of Duty: WWII II.

    Bring the brutality, Sledge. One thing you need with WWII is gore. Not to be overly ghoulish, but too clean a game seems more disrespectful than showing it for all it's ugliness, anytime you make a game based off real life wars.

  4. Just because it is going back to WW2, its not going to suddenly make the CoD franchise "better" again.

    People getting their hopes up for this are going to be disappointed, its just another CoD game like every other year, with the exception that this time they went with a "setting" that people think will make the franchise "great again".

    It won't.

  5. My oponion: Just because COD is changing the setting from future to past doesn't mean it's getting automatically good again. Don't overhype…wait for the release as always. My advice 🙂

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