Call of Duty VS Medal of Honor

CALL OF DUTY Roads to Victory VS MEDAL OF HONOR Heroes

22 thoughts on “Call of Duty VS Medal of Honor

  1. I think that on psp wins the call of duty but on ps3,xbox and pc the new medal of honor kicks ass because its more realistic than black ops

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  6. on the pc/xbox360/ps3 COD are REALLY better, but on the psp i really prefer MOH Hreoes! it has an amazing online! and i also prefer the gameplay on the campaign on moh:h than cod roads to victory!

  7. Yeah, MOH is great on the psp. COD rules on other systems. Too bad because the original MOH on ps1 was one of the great FPS games on the system. Like it was called Goldneye on the ps1.

  8. COD: roads to victory's campaign is better. However, it does not have online multiplayer like MOH: Heroes, so that sucks. I play MOH for multiplayer, COD for campaign. Its that simple.

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