ASPHALT 8 FARMING fastest/best ways 2017

Become a millionaire in a day with these methods
I took 1.2 million in less than 24 hours by farming money this way

It is very effective , especially at that season 9 farming because it is thefastest and most of the races are very easy.
Races i recommend are :

■Season 9 :
Sesto elemento 4800 in 01:10 minutes
Marussia B2 – 4800 in 01:00 minute
Lamborghini veneno – 6000 in 55 seconds
And a lot more
Almost every challenge 15 (best ones in dubai because it is faster)
McLaren 675Lt…

19 thoughts on “ASPHALT 8 FARMING fastest/best ways 2017

  1. Wow what a new asphalt 8 youtuber.. Your everything I wanted in an asphalt 8 youtuber, your delivering helpful top 10s and are underlining what the community wants (cars that should be in a8)

  2. I have lamborghini veneno max and azure coast isnt under a minute and it grants about 4500-5000 gold you ment max pro there is a race 55 seconds or even less and you get up to 7k

  3. The knockdown bug is the fastest and the best method for farming credits but anyway the biggest problem is the connection cuz u need to activate the airplane mode if you don't want banned

  4. Where the hell did you get races with 50k-100k in reward? 😮
    Stars rewards aren't giving so much. Best race rawards are with high end A and S class cars and it's somewhere about 35k-45k with double credits activated.

  5. I:m saving up for the W Lykan Hypersport which costs 550,000 credits and I only had 1,000 credits and 39 tokens I really need the W Lykan Hypersport so much but I'm saving up my tokens for the double credits booster. This video is really helpful thank you Mighty Droid you are the best YouTuber EVER!!!!!!!!

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