Apex Legends vs Fortnite Rap Battle w/ FabvL | #NerdOut

It’s an all out battle royale in this Apex vs Fortnite rap battle.
Apex legends is a new-comer that’s trying to dethrone Fortnite from the number one spot. Both of these games are very fun to play, but you know we had to do a rap battle. Who won? Leave your comments down below.

Big shout out to FabvL for this collaboration. Please go subscribe to his channel, he makes DOPE music.

FabvL’s Channel:

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24 thoughts on “Apex Legends vs Fortnite Rap Battle w/ FabvL | #NerdOut

  1. Has anyone realised that fortnight is like tf2 its "the best game out there" for a few years then… it dies off like tf2 did… Minecraft is an exception to this

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