Apex Legends VS Anthem, What Is EA Doing!? | Apex Legends and Anthem

Apex Legends and Anthem, two titans (excuse the pun) are going head to head this month. It needs to be talked about, what is EA doing or planning? They own both games and release both at the same time so they can compete!? Who will come on top? You decide.

Link to the Anthem developer blog:

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2 thoughts on “Apex Legends VS Anthem, What Is EA Doing!? | Apex Legends and Anthem

  1. I haven't tried either game. I missed the chance to try Anthem and I didn't know about Apex Legends until recently. First off, I'm not a battle royale or even much of a PvP player but I can see why business would want to hope on that bandwagon. It's the trend right now and some people get bored or they want to start fresh because they couldn't success in another game. I feel to make a really good game, you need a couple of years to do it but if a company is only looking at money figures, rarely will you get a really quality game. Even if EA is in competition with themselves, I don't think it's really a good idea to promote to similar items at the same time because many times, a title or product will do better than another. Now, I don't know if their way of thinking is that "well, at least one of them did well" and the purpose is just in hopes that they both do well and make more money for them or if they are using the games as benchmarks to find out what gamers want in these games. To me, that's just pretty crappy business for everyone all around.

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