PUBG Creator Responds To Apex Legends

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Apex Legends has been released by Respawn Entertainment, now check out what happens when Player Unknown, the PUBG creator, responds to Apex Legends achieving explosive popularity in such a short amount of time. Brendan Greene, PlayerUnknown himself, has tweeted out a reply to Respawn Entertainment’s new first-person shooting battle royale game, Apex Legends, and congratulated the team on a great launch. Apex Legends was…

28 thoughts on “PUBG Creator Responds To Apex Legends

  1. I just checked interest over time for:
    Fortnite, Apex and Pubg. This is what I got:

    Fortnite had its peak July 2018. ever since its been going down. Now its at about 60% of the hype which it had back then.

    Apex only peaked recently in february 2019. now its already down to 44%

    Pubg on the other hand is currently at its peak. It was at about 35% of todays peak back in 2017.

    Peaking means 100%.

    You either accept it or you dont. But pubg is flat out dominating and has risen since its start.

  2. PUBG Died by Fortnite
    The Rip Offs Spawned
    Apex Legends Challenged Fortnite
    Blackout just stands there in the corner
    And behind him is Minecraft Hunger Games

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