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  1. Why do your guns have no recoil. I play apex and there is recoil even on gold level. Not a trace of it with you……. I'm not saying you're cheating…… Shroud hacks…..

  2. The biggest Hacker in the world warns me about hackers?

    oh now i realize he means himselfe and his friends with hackers in apex.
    And hes right.
    nice he admits it now

  3. Are all streamers playing on PC? Curious to see what some ps4 players are like. I feel it's much easier to stay with aiming on ps4 than it would be using the mouse on PC

  4. so when he gets owned its hacks?? but when he does it its skills?? rofl, I'm not saying that it ain't hacks but you got some kills just as fast as that….hmmm

  5. I used to love this game… I play in an asian server as I live in asia.. literally encounter more than 10-15 hackers within 3 hours and it really frustrated me, sometimes they are enemies sometimes unknown teammates… haven't uninstalled it yet as im hoping a better update getting rid of most hackers and stuff at least for a week, so I could enjoy it like I used to long time ago🙄

  6. I have my own apex legends software to hack aimbot ESP one tip for hackers use esp it's good and and if u want to use aimbot use wingman and shotgun shotgun up close and wingman range don't kill just hit twice (miss some shots very imp) go close and peace keeper that's it undetected my acct is over 2 months old have over 4000 kills and NVR do 20 kill bombs that's how u get banned

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