DRASTICALLY Improve Your AIM in 10 Minutes – Apex Legends Guide

Like our muscles, response time and our other cognitive skills can be trained and improved. Using this we can improve our aim in games like Apex Legends and develop godlike aim like the best of them. If you’re serious about getting better at Apex Legends (or any shooter for that matter), follow these drills!

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27 thoughts on “DRASTICALLY Improve Your AIM in 10 Minutes – Apex Legends Guide

  1. One of the most important principe of martial art. I was often wondering to my master in karate, why we were doing the same movement, 20 lines roundtrip of the same kick or combo? He explained me that it was the only way to get defend with automatims…like when i learned to walk….

  2. Please tell me of some free games I can download on PS4 to practice aiming. I want to be sooo good at Apex. It’s like my goal in life right now. I’m 48 years old and want to be the best older female player in the world!! I’m home with a back disability and spend so much time playing. I have played over 3,000 games and only have 325 kills with my main. Around 500 total. Help me!! I think the medicine I take is interfering with my head. It just sucks! I want a over 1000 kills by the end of the year. The most kills a game I have had was 4 and that’s only because I main Bangalore. I used my special and wiped a squad. I wished so bad they had people running around to shoot in the training. I’m still throwing punches (melee) during up close encounters. I would pay someone to come help me and set up my controller. Thanks for the tips I definitely will be in the training arena. One more thing I wished they also put the sights on the training arena guns. When I use the R99 I shoot all over. When I use the wingman I shoot off to the side. I’m really good with the triple take at far distance when I can focus on a target just camping. I want people to add me as a player not tell me I suck.

  3. You were the dev on paladins awhile back? I asked Raynday about himself but why does Hi Rez have you guys making guides for other games? or are they fine with you guys promoting other things than paladins, how does that work?

  4. I just don't like being a newb and coming up against players that play 10 to 12 hours a day because they don't have a job except streaming and I gotta deal with that shit. People at that high a level should be separated into their own competitions.

  5. I found what I needed to improve my aim in Apex…your training video!! Now this may be coincidental, but after lowering my movement sensitivity and practicing the drills one extended session, I was kill leader for the first time. 😁 Thank you so much for taking the time to make a video with actual practice drills to improve aim. Please keep adding these types of videos. I would also love to see you create a video on combat strategy within the game of Apex. (I must admit that I’m new to gaming but LOVE Apex and am looking for more ways to improve my game.) I’ll be waiting to see your next videos.

  6. I use to play destiny before and I haven’t played a single shooting game since than its been like 2 years and I was really good at it and now I like apex and when I started playing I wasn’t that good anymore honestly these drills just game me back my muscle memory that I was missing thank u very much it helped a lot I’m actually a beast agaibb

  7. I did those self-training back to the old COD time, 30mins training everyday before matchmaking.

    Hear a gunshot at me from behind, 2sec later he is dead.

    Muscle memory is really important if u want to play FPS seriously.

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