Call of Duty WW2 Gun Sounds vs Medal of Honor 1999 PSX

Today is the Day when we compare Call of Duty WW2 vs Medal of Honor 1999!

The golden PS1 WW2 shooter classic. How these old weapons evolved in almost 20 years of gaming! Are these any better in CoD WW2? Check it out and Enjoy!

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32 thoughts on “Call of Duty WW2 Gun Sounds vs Medal of Honor 1999 PSX

  1. Great Weapons sounds comparison…The original "Medal of Honor" game for the PSX (shown here) is considered the grandfather of all the realistic WW2 1st Person Shooters. The weapons sounds, ambience, & Orchestral Scores in MOH were absolutely Epic (even by today's standards) really helping to get you engrossed in the game and making the player feel like they've really become a part WW2 History. This game is a Gem from the past and set the bar and standards high for all the realistic WW2 FPS's which followed in its footsteps. Personally, in my opinion, MOH's weapons sounds were much fuller, having much more punch to them giving the player the feeling like you're right there shooting them in real life.

  2. What? Are you fucking retarded, FPS Shooter community? CoD WW2 Vs that? Like comparing a god to a poor man that doesn't know how many is 2+2. How can you think that MOH is better?

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