Asphalt 8 – How to farm Credit up to 1Million in 2hours (Without Hack)

Hey Guys
This video is a quick tutorial on how to farm credit faster in asphalt 8 airborne using renault Dezir,
it also shows you how to become a billionaire in just 1day on asphalt

Enjoy 😉

Important Notice: Original content of the games i record belongs to the original owners. “Asphalt 8” is a racing game created by “Gameloft”

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31 thoughts on “Asphalt 8 – How to farm Credit up to 1Million in 2hours (Without Hack)

  1. First of all, you're using a car that's severely outclassed compared to the other racers so it's not even a race
    In other words, you have to already have money in order to make money
    And it's lame, you're not even doing any cool stunts or anything
    Go away internet poser
    SavageGR you are NOT

  2. I need to know how to go pro after max on that renault Dezuir or any car for that matter, i don't know why i can't seem to get the right amount of cards its like you don't get what you want when you buy a box.

  3. – (Season 1- > XX) For beginners: (C Class) Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive -> Challenge 1 (Maîtrise: Défi 1), Nevada (Inversed): Finish 4th or further (DO NOT WIN IT), you will gain 2.6/2.7k per race (x2 Credits), it htink you could find better^^ you could find a D Class too cheaper and stuck at the 1st challenge or the best one (no boost race whith a fast bar)^^ [I found it while farming Halloween coins]. OR French Guana (inversed): a short race and no boost bottles on the road (available as Challenge 3 with Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive.

    – (Season 9/Max) Easy/Lazy/Not Expensive car farm: BMW M1 Max race (Pearl Harbor): NO BOOST at all, just the x2 Credits & you can farm easily with one hand (you do what you want with the other one xD), i play on laptop so it's 10.250/10.3xxk credits per race (~1min 15sec). If you add the delay end of the race/results/restarting the race +~25 seconds: it makes 10k x 3 races in <5 minutes (yup 1.15+0.20: 1.40sec, 1.40 x3: 5 minutes), 30k in 5 minutes, 60k in 10 minutes so finally in 1 hour(60 minutes): 371k (for 10.3k per race). Easiest farming & you could do another things ;P at the same time… [[[ 371k x24? 8.9 millions in one day lol ]]]

    (Lambhorghini countach 25th anniversary was my intermediare car farm (hazard i choosed).

    Started the game 1 month ago on Laptop/Windows 10 but i think i will stop because i can't transfer my account on my new android, i don't want to REstart all from zero… :((

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