Apex is Breaking Records, Anthem is Breaking Consoles

In this video, I talk about how EA is handling both Apex Legends and Anthem after yesterdays news.

49 thoughts on “Apex is Breaking Records, Anthem is Breaking Consoles

  1. Finally someone said it i been tell ppl this warframe is good game with good in game currency now I'm not saying Warframe is a great game but not bad game as well it just Warframe make it work for player that did not need to spend real money to get what they want

  2. I was so hyped for anthem, i still havent purchased it yet and i am very scared to purchase it because of how bad everyone says it is, especially since now im hearing about it breaking consoles, i just hope l8r down the line when the game is actually finished it will be what i was expecting

  3. Infinite, normally I really agree with a lot of what you say and I generally find listening to you and your opinions to be very relaxing on my way home from work each day. However your comparison of anthems current state and buying a couch with no cushions is ridiculous, and it seems to stem from a bias dislike probably due to your lack of enjoyment with what is currently available in Anthem as a product.

    Everything in Anthem currently is playable it is a fully functional video game that you can access whenever you choose to run the program on your console or computer all the content that any player can access currently in the game, is available for use. What I mean by this is, you didn't buy a couch with no cushions you bought a fully functional couch that you can sit on and you can use but the couch may not feel the way you anticipated or the way it may have been promoted and later on they are providing new features and improvements to your couch.

    Of course this is purely a metaphor..

    Anthem, if it were a couch with no cushions, would be a game where you could turn it on and look at the main menu. Adjust the options audio, video and perhaps even watch a demonstration of the game. But you wouldn't be able to play the game at all just like a couch without cushions is a non-functional couch. Yes you can sit on it but it's not a functioning piece of furniture as it lacks a CORE component.

    Well Anthem has all of it's CORE components that allow it to function as a complete and usable program. Even if it lacks advertised "features" or content.

    TLDR: You bought a couch, it may not be the promised couch, but you can use it.

    Anthem can be played and enjoyed, you said so yourself. It just lacks "features" and content.

  4. Apex has a much simpler design with far less visual fidelity and character design. It is also free to play. And is currently the staple multiplayer fad for this generation of gamer, IE a battle royale.

    These two factors alone put it in a whole ballpark of success ahead of Anthem or any $60 Triple A title that is being released currently. I think that is why we are seeing such polar outcomes of success between the two games under the same producer.

  5. so does this mean we'll eventually get another ninja but this time its for apex and not fornite, then we're gunna keep hearing about more records breaking

  6. Hey, Infinite. Just letting you know that Anthem didn't break any consoles. They just had to hard reset their console and it fixed the issue. This was also just on PS4, the Xbox OS was actually made with this thing happening in mind since it happened a lot with Windows 7 and '98 I think. So, it hasn't bricked any console as of yet.

  7. Man your ending is exactly how I’ve been feeling with comes it’s like mom scared to excited for games because I feel they’ll just disappoint me in the end. Please upload more like this was really great to watch💯

  8. I think nowadays we are so fucking stupidly crital we want all games to fucking fail I wish some would just shit the fuck up and actully play the games not listening to some fucking wack job game review

  9. I hope Anthem and Bf V make a comeback because the mechanics and Most of the gameplay are really good to me. I would just like to have a game with more than one month of content.

  10. This is kind of cool to think about, Respawn made the better game, which in turn is going to make MORE money; BioWare made the worse game, and it's tanking. Could this finally be the year that changes EAs mentality? Probably not. But let's see. I hope Respawn gets shower with funding and personell so they can make TF3 fucking amazing.

  11. Great that you are planning to do more videos like this as many people seem to be automatically negative all the time. In addition I appreciate that you don't yell 90% of the time in your videos. Love to hear your opinion on some up and coming games including some of those single player games you might be excited about. Personally I am stoked about ghost of tsushima, Skiero, and cyberpunk. for honor is one of the only online games I can stomach right now course I haven't tried Apex.

  12. The only issues I have with anthem are the lag and crashes. I find it incredibly fun and beautiful, it's a great contrast for me after playing virtually nothing but for Honor since it came out, which can be a tense, stress-inducing game. But since the end of February, I've barely had any issues with anthem crashing

  13. Honestly, even though I still love For Honour I’m not really invested in it so much, so this video was highly appreciated. I enjoy your way of thinking and the way you present it, so I’m stoked to watch future videos from you talking about gaming in general.

  14. I played Destiny 2 for a few months and I got bored with it.

    As a long time fan of BioWare i bought anthem and was bored in a week.

    I’ve been playing Warframe for the last 3 years and it keeps bringing me back.

  15. To me it seems that 2019 really hasn't got a good start for big games
    Anthem, I saw that the division 2 got bad reviews, haven't really heard much of far cry new dawn, anymore?

  16. I wish anthem made more progress within the 6 years of development it used. A delay for continued development was not necessary if they actually did work within the time they were provided.

  17. Speaking of Anthem, if you want to play a good looter-shooter, Borderlands 2 is muuuuuch better. Ton of guns, variable skill tree, great story and unique graphic style. Plus 4 ''big'' DLCs and a ton of small ones. What more can you ask?

  18. I mean, according to a Reddit post and responses from Sony, it's not bricking PS4s, the game is causing Hard Resets and having the console rebuild its database is safe mode. Not good still but its not bricking PS4s

  19. I'm just praying that Seikiro doesn't get ruined by activision. It's really sad the amount of good games ruined by EA's policy on money making. Like Simcity for example. Game released in 2013, with last update being in 2014. Since the last update, while we unfortunately heard about EA shutting down Maxis, the game is so enjoyable. Like 5 years later the game is still decent to play. Yet we won't see a simcity again because EA fucked Maxis. I'm big sad.

  20. As much people get annoyed at slow update schedules, it really does improve the quality of a game’s experience when those updates are well done. Like you said, they need to bake for a while before it’s really obvious what needs to be changed. Look at Fortnite and League, while the updates are often and consistent, it leaves the game hard to follow for casual players and can lead to balance issues that are too convoluted to solve.

    Granted those updates need to be good. Looking at you, PUBG.

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