Teaching YOU How To Win Apex!! (Apex Legends PS4)

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37 thoughts on “Teaching YOU How To Win Apex!! (Apex Legends PS4)

  1. Thank you for the gameplay commentary, keep 'em coming. By the way, this high ping problem giving the lagger the advantage with a better lag comp. profile is really frustrating me when playing this game. When I have low ping my deaths seem to come a lot more frequently and my bullets don't seem to register even though I have an A+ buffer bloat. Can JanKz or anybody else shed any light on this?

  2. I'm a PS4 super sweat limited by a full-time job. If you're good at the game, and I mean ACTUALLY good, go ahead and drop your PS4 gamertag in the replies below and I'll shoot you a FR. I had about 300 season 1 wins and I never played more than 1-2 hours a day if I played at all because of work

  3. Bro You are like the Oden of Apex Your the only Player that I Watch play Apex… My Son and I Play as Father an son team and would love to to play a Game with you that. All my Boy talks about he says Dad it be so cool to play with Jankz.. But anyway keep up with the bad ass videos An know in Jankz name we pray lol

  4. Lol played around with you the other day and didn't realize you were a Youtuber until I saw this video. Anyhow thanks for the tips 🙂

  5. I love this gameplay dude. As a console player, to watch you play analyze your matches is just great and very illustrative. Learned a lot from you!

    I was wondering, what sens do you run while ADS?

  6. I always choke after having 4 or 5 kills, sometimes I even die right when dropping.
    I'm good at shooting and gunfights I'm just not good at strategies and using abilities. Im lvl 17 with only 2 wins and 60 kills.

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