R301 and Peacekeeper Combo!! (Apex Legends PS4)

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40 thoughts on “R301 and Peacekeeper Combo!! (Apex Legends PS4)

  1. Gosh. The patience you have with your team is incredible. I really hate it when my team spam pings their own deathbox as if it will make me run faster or realize that I do in fact need to grab it. As if it is anymore noticible or annoying than the HUGE ASS symbol on my screen. Also, the people saying that he needs to revive his teammates earlier dont realize that if you did, you'd be dead. Only do it when safe to do so and you clutched up so much! Honestly I have toxic teammates who wanna spam ping as if they are mad I am not helping them and then at the end when we all die it shows like "5o damage" and I am like "ARE YOU JOKING???? TOXXXXXXIC"

  2. at 16:19 i would have placed my bounce pad on top of the hill so i could at least have the high ground on my side. also i would have ditched the peace keeper as soon as i could. its usually a hit or miss with it so


  3. Should have gotten the blood hound and grabbed those shield batteries earlier. Y go after the banner of the guy with 60 secs and not the guy with 16 secs. Wait til there is solos if you aren't a team player

  4. In hindsight pushing flanking the longbow with your jump pad would have worked better at about 17:00. You never want to be 3rd partied but you also positioned yourself in between the two parties fighting instead of getting behind and taking pathfinder out.

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