PUBG Gamer Vs Call Of Duty Gamer

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Games Played:

Pubg Mobile
Call Of Duty

Note: The gameplays used in this video are No Copyright Gameplays.

I used No Copyright Gameplays because my phone doesn’t support screen recording.

Music used:

Sneaky Snitch
Amazing Plan
Scheming Weasel
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

Music provided by Kevin MacLeod…

50 thoughts on “PUBG Gamer Vs Call Of Duty Gamer

  1. I didn't add my recording videos. Because my mobile doesn't support screen recording. So I add so many no copyright gameplays in this video.
    1) While in "Graphics Part" I zoomed the video. The video clarity was 720p Because my mobile only support 720p for downloading.
    Yeah my mobile is 🥔Potato Mobile.
    So the Graphics part was not so clear.
    2) From 7:45 to 8:10 was my mobile recording. So it was so horrible.

  2. COD and Battlefield adds so many thing to the game which makes it just another shot em up. I dont think any game other than pubg and apex legend did the battle royal genre any justice.

  3. Okay first what type of kid downloads cod and plays only blackout aka battle royale oh its that fortnite kid you loves dubstep and dude its beta so you cant make fun of the game.

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