HEADSHOT AIMBOT HACKS! (Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare)

HEADSHOT AIMBOT HACKS in Infinite Warfare!
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I finally got around to trying some 18 man madness on Infinite Warfare…

…except you can only have 12 (for now).

We decided to mess around with the funny out of map pitching machine launch, test out sniper multikills,…

35 thoughts on “HEADSHOT AIMBOT HACKS! (Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare)

  1. Very funny, as the amount of hackers that invaded the IW, now it seems they did promotion, and this is illusion, not the player but the program that does everything, but this disease has invaded the world and the Vac have no competence and bane for always a clown of these, although one has cried because he was banished in Black Ops3, but that's it the player does not want to train he seeks the easier side, the flag is raised, to try to get those fraudulent.

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