CSS vs CS:GO (Counter Strike: Source vs Counter Strike: Global Offensive)

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CSS has been out for a long time. CS:GO was released in 2012. Which game is better?
I decided to compare both games because in my opinion they look very similar, but when you play them, they feel completly different from each other.

Even before comparing these games, I already knew it’s gonna be tough.

But I risked.

So overall, which is the better game? I don’t know. I…

46 thoughts on “CSS vs CS:GO (Counter Strike: Source vs Counter Strike: Global Offensive)

  1. CSGO accuracy is bullshit. No skills, just random chance whether you kill them or they kill you. Why does the second shot fire way off screen? Why do I have to aim at feet to get headshots? WTF is why with the CSGO devs?

  2. Big difference betweeen css and go is that when you peak in go and you fuck up you will 100% die (against good players). In css yes you will die but it’s s little different. Sometimes you can get away because most people are only aiming for headshots. I personally spray because I figured out how to do it (you shoot and then watch where the crosshairs bounces on the second shot pull down in the opposite direction of recoil for the next 4 shots and then it might switch sides 4 times or twice and then stay on one side. This is true for both m4 and ak. There are four possible spray patterns and two possible initial directions. There is a tick rate connection between the recoil in source like bhoppjng does in go it’s weird.)The reason why spraying on people peaking a corner is because shooting the person does not slow them down as much as in csgo.

    Csgo recoil is consistent so it is much easier to spray in go imo.

    The head hit boxes are basically the same. The upphalf and all of head is the hit box in source. From like neck to almost top of head in go

  3. CSS is a better version… for me the maps on css are bigger and have more options for hiding or taking alt. route, also why doesn't CS GO have map props that move…all barrels or any map object is static and won't move.. it's like they didnt use the source engine :/ much more is broken..i,just olayed csgo for the first time this last couple days but have spent my time on cs since 1.4 ….thats before steam kids

  4. The graphics are better in GO for buildings etc,,but for playability and immersiveness they are shiiiite. You cant even tell who is an enemy until its to late in Go. The aspect ratio is also different so feels fake compared to source. The sounds are just weird in GO as well. Like when u get killed…what kind of a noise is that? its designed to piss you off…
    I wanted to enjoy GO as i know its played by more teams etc..but its just a shit experience.

  5. CS Source is far better.
    -Hit boxes and recoil is better.
    -While the graphics arent as nice and detailed on source, they are simple and clean and its easy to locate and aim at targets. Where as in CS GO, a guy playing in front of a huge high rez monitor will have a distinctly large advantage over a guy playing on a small screen.
    -on Source you sont have to unload 1 000 000 bullets into someone to kill them. A headshot, or a nice burst spray in a good area will put down the target. CS GO is unrealistic bullshit.
    -while the graphics look good on go, theyve strayed away from realistic and done a semi realistic style that looks call of dutyish and that sucks.
    -on go the movement of the body is sluggish and slow compared to source and its suoer annoying that they didnt add a sprint button or a jog button. You either walk or stalk. I figured they'd evolve past that by now…in real war infantry soldiers are constantly running for cover and firing points.

    CS GO is a steaming pile of shit and I really hope Valve steer away from the call of duty bullshit and go back to their realistic originality and set a new tone that its the GOLD standard of Fps much like source was in its day.

    CS GO is the sell out point of the series to appeal to call of duty kids. It was a huge let down and I rarely play it. I olay my CS and DOD source which are both infinitely far superior.

  6. Cs 1.1 the beginning of best shooting franchise
    Cs 1.6 the pure uncut cocain of shooting generation
    Cs condition Zero the one which sucks
    Cs source the actual best one
    Or the loot open box simulator
    Global Offensive

  7. Yes CSS is better than cs go cuz it's harder . Did did try cs go bots they are so weak but CSS are to OP faster and stronger and smarter belive me I played CSS for 6 years and also cs go

  8. also its real annoying that in the gud populated servers in css, the admins banned the use of awps which is one of the reasons why i went over to csgo

  9. I want to know are you playing against super noobs. because i play just like you & always get killed(i mean quite a time). I just purchased this game 3 days ago & managed to adapt with the gameplay & everyone was like pro. I dont know whether they were pro, or the people who you are playing with are noob…

  10. all of you CSS because you can run CSGO for me CSGO because i can't run CSGO and i love it because i only play sometime when im not on my pc. I play css everytime because i can't even run CSGO and can't run CSS properly so CSGO for me all of those who likes CSS i know you can run CSGO. 🙂

  11. I would have prefered if a true CS:S player would make the clip.
    Im sorry but you obviously CANT compare the current CS:S with the old CS:S ( with the right Zblock updates)
    Im sorry but you really dont know what you are talking about.
    Stop talking about my favourite game. Honestly. +1 dislike.

  12. Most important difference is movement. Movement in csgo feels stiff while source feels like floating.Counter Strafing in css is easier and after getting hit, velocity decrease is way higher in csgo so spraying is effective. But css is move,pause and aim type of game.

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