Call of Duty World At War vs Medal of Honor Airborne Gun Sounds

COD WAW vs MOH A Weapon Comparison (Animations & Sounds)

35 thoughts on “Call of Duty World At War vs Medal of Honor Airborne Gun Sounds

  1. People are only saying WaW won because it is WaW and the nostalgia of it. I've played both WaW and Airborne and I love both games but you mean to tell me from the VERY first clip of the 1911 you think WaW sound is better than Airborne?? It sounds like a freakin typewriter and doesn't feel like it has weight to it like Airborne does. All of Airbornes weapons have that weight to them that makes you feel like you have a powerful rifle or high recoil machinegun.

  2. Don't get me wrong I LOVE both of these games!!

    Cods Thompson iron sights are more accurate to what they used in the war and the Springfield in moh is inaccurate because you can't insert an entire mag like that if the scope is there.

  3. I noticed that all weapons in MOH: Airborne all are fully upgraded besides the Maschiengewer 42 (MG42) I know because I've beaten the game twice and usually upgraded the weapons I use mostly but I like both but good work on it anyway it's better than nothing.

  4. I never really liked bo1 that much and mph airborne was more realistic with recoil and hard to aim physics it's a good kind of shitty gameplay that makes the game challenging but not annoying

  5. Got to love those cod fanboys you know the ones that preorder the most expensive version of every cod then go full sweaty tryhard until the next one comes out

  6. MOH sound is made for building enviroment so the sound wont be like boom! Om….om….om… it ill be like bum! No echo
    And WAW is for a huge enviroment so it has a lot echo and sound is like boom!..boom!….boom!………boom…. 😃or that is what i think.

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