Blackout VS Apex Legends (BLACKOUT SHOULD BE FREE!) & Influencers Speak Up! | Black Ops 4 | CoD News

Treyarch is not adapting to a changing industry of Free To Play BR games…
CoD Influencers speak up in response to Apex Legends
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41 thoughts on “Blackout VS Apex Legends (BLACKOUT SHOULD BE FREE!) & Influencers Speak Up! | Black Ops 4 | CoD News

  1. They shouldn’t make blackout free because many people only bought bo4 for it plus it’s a gamemode for bo4 if it was a separate game I could understand why it could be free.

  2. Pubg was good until Fortnight, Fortnight was good until Blackout, Blackout was good until Apex. Gamers look for the next best thing. Fanboys refuse to leave behind the game they know. Just a fanboy.

  3. The merit system in Blackout is so trash. I was going to play Blackout mostly but I switched to MP and it's not even that good since they spent so much time on Blackout

  4. Quite honestly you should really just switch to Apex if BR is your main focus, especially squad based but if solo and more complex mechanics are your forté then Blackout due to its larger map size and PUBG feel. But I mean I'll be honest Apex has it all for me. Right from the get go it just won the BR game instantly for me and I've never felt that way about any BR game before. It isnt just a BR, it is THE BR or at least a reimagining of how it should work. Respawn took the genre and made it their own. It feels more like Overwatch/Titanfall had a baby as opposed to Fortnite/Titanfall had a mentally unstable baby.

  5. This is a classic grass is greener thing. Blackout is a solid game and the complaining about new content bs needs to stop. You knew what it was day one – I look back and saw all the comments from that launch and people are saying the same thing now about Apex Legends they said about Blackout. It’s just a phase and it will pass – give Apex 9 months and people will be bitching about it too….it’s a fact

  6. Me just being honest I’m not a big fan battle royale But I truly believe that black ops 4 should never made had made blackout I understand battle royale is big but black ops 4 isn’t even black ops anymore everything is about money now which is unfair you no longer need skill to play it’s just a big mess now

  7. Epic Games is a big time company, is NOT indie they made Gears of War, Unreal Tournament,etc., they also created the very famous UnReal Engine that dozens of games use like Rainbow Six…

  8. Most Blackout players would of course say that $60 was "worth it" (helps us sleep at night) whether you admit or not. Look, if Apex Legends was released at the same time as Blackout, i'd use my $60 to get my self some good old cheese burger, spam fries and a large Coke then download and play Apex Legends! They should change their name to DORMANTVISION from ActiveVision coz theres now way they are active at all!

  9. I don't understand why people complain about paying $60 for a game. I don't think any game should be for free. Blackout is simply a much better game because its realistic. Sounds of the guns and grenades. It's as real as it gets! I hate all these games that aren't realistic

  10. I paid full 60 dollars for COD and I`M seriously disappointed at this moment. Why can`t they create something just awesome for that money. One game can simply not focus on 3 diffrent completly seperate modes. I`m rank 70 in Blackout and just can not stand playing it anymore! It`S booooring af. I can not tell why but I even jumped back to PUBG just to feel it again. I still have to play APEX but one thing is for sure. As I said already I would NEVER, just NEVER buy a EA game again because this company is just like the hilarious devil that just want to F*** peoples money up. Same for ACTIVISION now!!!

  11. How can you say this game isn’t dead? It has literally not kept up with fortnite & just flopped. No one has talked about blackout since it’s release. Developers have been lazy & haven’t listened to the community. No one wants to Pay 60 for a game that can’t keep up w the rest. If apex is getting more attention it’s because they’re doing something that black out isn’t. Some people here so oblivious I swear

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