Asphalt 8 Farming Tutorial!

-Farming Tutorial-

There is a mistake in the “Double Drift” explanation, it should read: Brake + Nitro then again Brake +Nitro.

In this video I show and explain my way of farming credits using my favorite race: W Motors Lykan Hypersport; Mastery Challenge 15.

Sorry for not uploading for a while guys, life is awfully busy but I am so grateful to those of you who still watch all my videos even after my semi-retirement so THANK YOU! 🙂

Music: Lensko – Cetus [NCS Release]

Asphalt 8 is a…

34 thoughts on “Asphalt 8 Farming Tutorial!

  1. Just wish I had Lykan and it was still credits. Therefore I use challenge 14, pagani zonda r. Roughly 10-11k for 1 minutes of work with double credits.

  2. Just don't write the sentences when u r in middle of race or make it black as u did sometimes… It is harder to read… Just an nyc viewer advising u

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