Asphalt 8: Airborne Live Stream

Anthony’s racing live today 1pm GMT! Come hang out with him while he’ll race with the New Renault Alpine Celebration & venture in MP with the Mclaren Mercedes MP4-25.

Asphalt is here to reply to your questions in the chat, so go ahead, don’t be shy!

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Music by NCS:

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44 thoughts on “Asphalt 8: Airborne Live Stream

  1. can you help me my game says that update your game then when I do my game still says to update my game I try to update again but it says you have the latest version reply pls

  2. Hello Gameloft I wanted to make a request to bring back the mclaren championships and give us another chance for winning it. It would be great if you do so as many people just like me who weren't much active lost the championship and that magnificient speedster. That's all I ask. Hope so you read this message. Thank You.

  3. Hello can you tell to support that on windowsphone the game close itself too often . ex: after a run in patagonia , after watching ads-video , same as you at 1:21:20 !! = This is never happens with any other game =

  4. never in my life since i play asphalt 8, four years ago till now do i ever earn 17million coin.. they got to be more generous on those coin..

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