10 Tips To INSTANTLY Improve Your Game In Apex Legends!

What should I do first in fights? How many grenades should I carry? Should I be hip firing more often? For New, Intermediate or Advanced players – there is something for everyone in this list! After 300+ Hours and making a ton of mistakes, I’ve put together a list of the 10 most instantly rewarding and game-changing tips and tricks to win more and enjoy my time in Apex Legends! Have something to add – hit me with a comment! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video!…

31 thoughts on “10 Tips To INSTANTLY Improve Your Game In Apex Legends!

  1. Good advice overall! Also, Arc Star right when someone kicks in a door might be the go-to tactic now that one hit can potentially down a player with the s2 changes.

  2. I should be a games tester as someone with over 200 wins in Blackout I'm constantly seeing ways Battle Royales coiuld be improved, I literally got all this list of improvements from 1 day of playing APEX, here's how you improve an average game in my opinion…Make the hit boxes the same for everyone…huge disadvantage for Gibraltar, huge advantage for Wraith. Nerf Wraiths ability shes so op at the moment! Make the shooting more accurate…it's impossible to hit people at long ranges on console and the recoil is just too heavy for controllers, remove 1 million cheaters on PC…game is ruined on that platform! But my number one change i'd like to see is increase the ammo in crates and loot …my god the ammo is scabby in this game ..you always run out of ammo! 1 day playing and I can see all these glaringly obvious areas for improvement, why can't the developers? oh and throwing grenades on console is clunky and slow! Enjoyable game but could be way better!

  3. How to really instantly improve: Move to a new city where you get less than 30 ping. Upgrade your computer to get more than 100 fps.

  4. I’m on PC. Much harder than console. I grew up playing COD on console but never played on a PC. Now that I have a PC it’s a lot more challenging.

    Best Iv done is 28 kills.

  5. So as a fairly well versed lvl 100 player who used all of these tips back when I was new anyway my two cents isn't completely useless (not saying much) these tips are just natural to the somewhat experienced players (sometimes) and feel more fit to the occasional fortnite kid that we have all had to carry to a W as they fumbled their imaginary blueprints in place of pointing a gun and shooting, here are a few higher tier tips (questionable); Positioning is one key to success as is fast paced aggressive gameplay, but be smart about it, the main key is learning your weaponry, if you can't hit your shots you're not gonna do very well, communicate and don't take the game too seriously. If you try to be shroud, you will only stress yourself and play like the aforementioned fortnite kid. The best tips are have fun, hit that game over screen a million times and hit the next match, you'll improve over time if you really want to. Don't beat yourself up cause that one tip from that one video didn't work for ya, your playstyle is one of many and some things just won't suit you. Give these guys love of course they deserve it, most people will just call you trash and tell you to uninstall so these guys most certainly deserve the love, another tip is to watch other people play, if tips aren't doing it watch where others fail, figure out why they failed and what played into their failure, figure out what they could have and probably should have done better. Find what works for you and you'll be carrying level 80+ players while level 30 yourself, in no time. Oh and another thing, these are perfectly valid tips this video is fantastic for the less experienced fps/BR players, never sell them short. PS; Don't neglect your legend's abilities, ever.

  6. Very helpful, especially the hip fire tip.!!! Went from playing the looter or the homeowner too pushing enemy's and bringing in kills.!! I even passed some tips to a couple people I play with and we are having no problems bringing in wins and it has just made this game so much better for me.

  7. Dude I really like your content! Im a big fan of Apex and TF. I really like your tips on doors and usage of throwables in every fight. One thing I would add to these tips is to not become complacent while looting or travel from area to area. I cant tell you how many times my friends and I are getting downed without being able to fight back, because we weren't paying enough attention or caught up with thoughts of grand loot. Great job tho bro! Definitely earned my sub!🤘🖖

  8. By the time u reload behind cover they have already pushed you, I'm level 100 and ranked about another 20 after even tho 100s max. The games a flip of a coin obvs skills involved but more time it's just luck and knowing your basics eg blue white purple add ons

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