which game requires more skill? (Overwatch vs Fortnite vs Counter strike)

sup fellas, yall like a good christmas?

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39 thoughts on “which game requires more skill? (Overwatch vs Fortnite vs Counter strike)

  1. the game that requires skill is roblox. what i mean by that is because ITS REALLY HARD

    haha lol this is a joke

  2. The difficulty of Fortnite really comes down to how the player likes to play. If the player prefers to pick up spam weapons and camp all game then get the last kill for the win, the game is easy. If the player rushes and build battles every player they can find, the game is difficult. Overwatch has a lot of OP characters so it comes down to who you pick (i.e picking genji makes the game harder than if you pick Brigitte) over all, id say csgo is the most consistently difficult.

  3. CS is by far the most difficult game to master of ANY esport game at a competitive level. There is no auto aim mechanic like in OW and having "anti classes" are retarded. Fortnite shouldn't even be in the conversation.

  4. Definitely CS:GO it pretty much the only fps game where strategies matter and since you cant aim it takes alot of practice to get good at it and there is many things to remember. Every situation is different and you have to learn and improvise.

  5. All three of them require more skill in their own area which is why I can’t put a definitive answer since they all are separate and all take a lot of skill to be really good at the game. So I would put all three right besides each other on the difficulty scale. (I know I am late but I just wanted to put my opinion on this)

  6. Csgo offcourse dude😂😂😂
    U can't win against hackers..
    U can't play with baiters….
    U can't play without mind fuck…
    U can't play with griefers..
    U can't kill enemy even your crosshair is on his head…
    But ==> .CsGo is LoVe. <==

  7. Cs: Teamwork and good aim
    Overwatch: Mechanical, game and map knowledge
    Fortnite: Spray and Pray

    I do believe Cs takes more skill and fortnite takes the least

    Please don't get offended it's my opinion

  8. I play paladins (pretty much just overwatch just free) and csgo and I can say that paladins requires more skill. I think that overwatch requires split-second decision making, csgo requires good reflexes and fortnite needs strategy

  9. I've never played csgo but I have played over watch and fortnite. I started playing fortnite about a year ago and I thought it was fun. I thought it was difficult to get good at the game as I had no aim at all lol but I still enjoyed it. Then like the second of January I bought Overwatch and I completely threw away fortnite. I thought Overwatch was a way better game and I actually felt better at Overwatch than fortnite as I didn't need to get rekt every game I played in fortnite. So here I am still playing Overwatch and kind of dislike fortnite, also Overwatch is way easier to learn how to play and is a great game for a bad fortnite player like me to play. I think it will take me some times to start disliking Overwatch but we'll see. It's still my favourite game ever.

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