The BEST Game I've had so far.. 26 KILLS! (Apex Legends PS4)

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35 thoughts on “The BEST Game I've had so far.. 26 KILLS! (Apex Legends PS4)

  1. Jankz we should play sometime, we'd make a great team! I've dropped back to back 20 bombs as Gibraltar pre-buff! My PSN is Trawson74, hmu if you want to win every single game!

  2. I'm a good player myself, I have the 3k badge with 20 bomb and triple triple for Lifeline, who I main as my second.

    Whenever there's some player who has more kills than my Lifeline, I just let them do their thing going out guns blazing and revive them 3-5 times the entire game.

    I just run support and when we win, they usually have like 15 kills 2500damage where as I have like 8 kills 1800damage.

    I would just be playing support the entire game and revive over and over. I once had a game where I was teamed up with this Pathfinder with 10k+ kills and 250+ wins for season 1. I had to revive him probably 7 times. I followed him from Skull Town and all around the damn map til we got to Repulsor.

    I said to myself "how the heck does this guy have so many wins and kills, yet I have to keep reviving him?(not respawning, I never once respawned him since he never fully died)"

    I just thought to myself, "maybe he's just playing for fun and going reckless since he sees I'm a Lifeline with 2k kills and 60 wins. And thinks I'll just rez him every time." At the end of the game once we won, he turned on his mic and said "GG's man, thnkx for the revives, you're god." I was like, in my head, "bro I didn't even do shit". Out loud I said, "thnkx man, you're a beast. Best Pathfinder I ever played with who uses his ziplines all the time." Then he chuckled and said "thnkx" and exited the game.

    What a weird game and conversation tbh. It was so quite the entire time, I spoke quietly saying 2 ppl here, or batteries here, etc. Just so I'm not too loud and he can keep his focus. I didn't once ask a question. Simply because I was afraid he wouldn't say anything back and it'll just be me silently talking to myself embarrassingly playing the game with some good ass player.

  3. Well played as long you get first shot in and play smart you gurantee a kill its when 3 get you that your fked avoiding groups of 3 at all costs unless you have some distance to fall on

  4. I'm not making assumptions here but I can't find any channels I trust playing this game so I hope this one isn't the typical likewhore trash you find scattered about. I'm giving it a shot, and I hope I'm right because from the first few seconds you sound like a fun watch.

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