PC Longplay [330] Counter Strike Condition Zero

Played by: Frederikct112

Hello everybody im back here again with another longplay. This time i thought to myself that i needed to do a good FPS game so i later came up with the idea of doing CS:CZ. Now im going to be honest here: Im not good at FPS games. Sure, i did L4D2/L4D but those games are easy compared to CS. I would say i did pretty good in this longplay, though i died a few times and yeah sure, my aim is not the best, but i did it, thus only on Easy Mode….

25 thoughts on “PC Longplay [330] Counter Strike Condition Zero

  1. Aah good 'ol CS:CZ
    I remember first playing this on xbox.
    This is basically CS 1.6, with a tiny graphical improvement, more maps and a single player mode…with bots!
    What's not to like?

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