NFS Most Wanted REDUX | Ultimate Cars & Graphics Mod in 4K

REDUX 2019:
I’ve tried my best to create a NEW experience for NFS Most Wanted 2005 and this is the result, changing textures, lighting, cars and adding new options; all those changes are made by the NFS modding community, i just have united all of them together to create a new visual experience that i hope you will like!

I don’t know how better describe this kind of video, i know there are…

40 thoughts on “NFS Most Wanted REDUX | Ultimate Cars & Graphics Mod in 4K

  1. I am kid this is in my computer now in 2019 because of my brother didn't give me to play this game when my age is 5 and then 11 I am start this game now because there is age that you can play

  2. Not really an improvement on the graphics.. It just doesn't look that good. I'd rather have everything look realistic than have more contrast on the same old graphics. And i'd also just like to have the default cars not add cars that were not meant to be in the game

  3. EA is stupid they don’t know wtf they are doing. They aren’t going to remake this cuz when do they ever do what the customers want. Dumbass EA developers have no brains. I can do their job better than them

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