NFS Most Wanted REDUX 2018 | Walkthrough Part 1 – PROLOGUE [1440p60]

Full game 1440p/60FPS – No commentary, enjoy!
Let’s start (again) this incredible masterpiece, many of you have subscribed in the past month and i see you really like my NFS Most Wanted videos so, why don’t bring back it on the channel, i will play it with my Texture and lighting mods, NO Car mods (for the joy of many), just classic experience IMPROVED with todays textures!
PS: I’ve added a pool (little “i” on top right corner) to let you decide how you want to see the following parts, make…

12 thoughts on “NFS Most Wanted REDUX 2018 | Walkthrough Part 1 – PROLOGUE [1440p60]

  1. I've asked and you replied, you chose the Walkthrough and here it is 🙂 I hope to see your support on that series because i'm going to upload a video EVERY DAY, just tell me in the pool (always on top right corner clicking on the "i") if you want EVERY race of the game or just Boss races 😉

  2. Hi Gamer Here Are Some Types On How To Get Every Pinkslips:
    1-Before Challenging A Rival Save The Game
    2-Challenge The Rival
    3-If You Didn't Get The Car Repeat The Challenge
    4-Repeat The Challenge Until You Get The Car

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