IS COD WAW MULTIPLAYER HACKED ON XBOX ONE? Call of Duty World at War Gameplay Backwards

Call of Duty World at War has been one of the most hacked / modded CoDs on console but is it anymore as it arrives to Xbox One backwards compatibility? Pure gameplay look at CoD WaW multiplayer mode on Xbox One. Leave your support for this video if you want to CoD Black Ops 2 next on X1!
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Call of Duty 3 Xbox One gameplay

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46 thoughts on “IS COD WAW MULTIPLAYER HACKED ON XBOX ONE? Call of Duty World at War Gameplay Backwards

  1. King Roshi B3CAUSE ITS ALL ABOUT THE MIGHTY FUCKIN DOLLAR!!! With the theme of RETRO being induces every dam where then makin game avail for XB1 should make more sense; monetary gain purposes at end of day; developers of this era prob gettin ancient in age and trynna cash in from the retro/royalties from respective liscensing rights!!! Least this way the older developers are still in loop with gainin economical gain as they prob at retirement stages now. Like if I was a 35ish 40yr old Developer back in '07 I may be planning on leavin the biz now or just tired (by age 50); plus these older guys still may continuiously "re-live" or keep alive these older themed games as they are of a "Membrance" or Golden Era. Realize this is like the COD WWII 1.0 So at end of day, by this method new and old heads still benefit!!! THATS THE REAL REASON

  2. Just bought a XBOX1 only for backwards comparable lil did I know shit laggs and there's modders GOOD THING I KEPT MY PS4 but even though xbox got modders I enjoy playing them good old COD GAMES

  3. I sometimes try to play this on PS3 but it is full of shitty little god mode USB kids sometimes I can find legit lobbies but rarely, I loved this game so much it felt so rewarding getting a kill with a bolt action rifle or a sniper, I went 32-1 with the PTRS on that huge map with the broken train track and the corn fields it was the most fun match I had in years

  4. if they release a new boots on the ground cod next with world at war remastered and bo2 and mw2 and mw3 backwards compatibility anc cod can be great again now that cod 4 is remastered idc what anybody says mwr is amazing

  5. As a cod5 player since 08 and played a lot since the beginning 2015 I sorta wish this never went back compatible because of mp40 kids but the community died down each week after it was a one time thing for others honestly get this game on 360 along with the other back compatible cods the one controller sucks 360 controller is better I wish cod4 the original can be back compatible too even with the remaster hell they should a WaW remastered in 2018 other then that the resident evil games 4-6 should've been back compatible not remastered

  6. This has to be one of the best all time great games as it`s real game play over rules all modern games ( no flying around with a stupid jet pack or guns that come on don`t really exist lol ) maps are very good and overall just a great game .

  7. One of the best CODs ever. Shame that there's no life hackers still. They're basically ruining a good game. Play it right, or don't play at all. Or risk getting reported and banned.

  8. one of the best if not the best cod ever all them exo suits muppits will know when cod modern warfare remasterd is out how a true game is played by real cod players

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