How To Make Money Fast *FOR BEGINNERS* In Asphalt 8

Thanks to my anonymous friend Mr. T for making this beautiful thumbnail! Hope this video helped you guys out, and I really hope my occasional shouts and screams weren’t too much to handle.

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22 thoughts on “How To Make Money Fast *FOR BEGINNERS* In Asphalt 8

  1. Im at seasin 9 in career but cant seem to get through to beat the time in vw turbo or ds little car the challenge says beat the rime of 1:38:00 whuch i could bit do i tried all boosts and still fell short by 5 seconds.

  2. Please show us how to get tokens without real $$ is there a way? also how do younwin the r&d cars ir the promo cars, i really suck at trying to win mostly because a lot of these multiplayer races are in areas im unfa iliar with such as patagonia, area 51, ice cave, i dont know much about the boxes or cards as every time i want to add more to my car it asks for boxes which i cant afford to get because they take to many tokens and i need to get 3200 tokens just for the mclaren p1. all the cars i really need require tokens my latest credit bought car is the Ferrari F1 berlinita. but tuning this is major expensive and i never win a race always fail. and thats using my ds survolt which has the best nitros that lasts my Dodge viper SRT 10 ACR X sucks its pretty fast maxed but i dont understand the cards and how yo implement them to make the car pro, ot would help to win challenges which you did not mention those are in mastery. thanks have a noce day

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