DID EA SCREW UP?! Anthem vs Apex Legends

EA Bioware’s Anthem Gameplay is less than 2 weeks away.. and EA has launched Apex Legends Battle Royale Free To Play game out of no where with no signs of Titanfall at all.. Is it smart for EA to put out 2 competing games or are the even? Well.. we talk about the comparisons of Anthem vs Apex Legends in this video!

24 thoughts on “DID EA SCREW UP?! Anthem vs Apex Legends

  1. Great review bro, I’m with you that’s why I don’t play blackout on call of duty I hate the whole elimination process. I like to run around and try to get more kills than deaths instead of seeing how long I can last

  2. Anthem is way better! Apex isn't good. Apex is just another battle royal game which almost everyone is fucking tired of. Anthem you can play online and off line. Also Anthem has an amazing story, and the customization in it is amazing!

  3. Battle royal hasnt pulled me in yet, im with you on that, 27 min and boom im dead, back to menu screen and start all over, its just not my cup of tea, not knocking it though, many love them, good way to have fun and kill time without having to worry about a story.

  4. Anthem was already going to struggle considering it’s generic trash. It’s gonna flop hard now that apex legends has been a smash hit. A lot of people will probably skip anthem now

  5. I’m just like ghost. I don’t connect with the idea of battle royale. I was challenged by a friend to get a solo win in cod blackout. I spent almost a whole night trying and now I’m bored of it because I got tired of reaching the final 5 or so and suddenly getting popped by some sniper that was laying in the grass on the hill. Battle royale is just annoying, and frankly it’s not that fun either because most of the time it slow and quiet with very little action.

  6. Im honestly shocked about the comments on Anthem in this video. Obviously this all comes down to personal taste, but for all its visual splendour, Anthem has got to be one of the blandest visual experiences Ive had in recent years. None of the visuals matter in it! After playing the demo, killing little scuttly bastards and killing jumpy dog things and killing big robot things – it all homogenised into aiming just under a hp bar and watching it tick down. The visual design in minute to minute gameplay made 0 impact on the game. The flight mechanics added precisely nothing, with something like titanfall 2's movement being substantially more impressive from a gameplay perspective than the jetpacks. Reason why I'm moaning about this is that I just dont think Anthem has any of what Robo says he wants. Now please dont get me wrong – if you find it there then all the better. Im just confused about it because it seems we played two completely different games.

    As an aside – I think Robo genuinely isnt the target for BR games. The idea isnt to get a perfect loadout and executing the perfect plan. Its to find anything you can and kill others for victory. Loot better stuff as you progress. Lots of people spend ages looting and then die randomly and feel like their time was wasted. Its better to just go and try get kills.

  7. oh hey! another cry baby crying over a BR
    FYI im completely against the BR hype,
    however look your facts up, ALL free to play games will have a MUCH more population and success over a buy to play game sadly,

    stop crying over TF3 and move on, if it comes back then thats good, if it doesnt, dont stop and mourn something that never got to happen!

    p,s: runnign around and finding that one small group of players and killing them is ALOT more satisfying that killing "hundreds of enemies in a few minutes"….

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