Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gun Sounds vs Counter Strike Source

Let’s check out how CS:GO weapons evolved compared to Counter Strike Source. Which one do you think it’s better? Enjoy!

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48 thoughts on “Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gun Sounds vs Counter Strike Source

  1. here's my list:
    usp: css
    usp-s: css
    deagle: hard to say, probably csgo
    dual berettas: csgo
    five-seven: css
    glock 18: csgo
    m248: csgo
    mp5-mp7: css
    ump-45: css
    p90: css
    mac-10: css (what the hell csgo)
    m3-nova: css
    xm1014: css
    krieg-scar20: css
    d3-au1: csgo
    awp: css, good memories
    scout-ssg08: css
    aug: css
    famas: css
    m4a1: css, christ csgo
    m4a1-sd: css
    ak47: css
    galil: css
    sg-553: css
    he grenade: css
    although csgos sounds are alot richer, they lack alot the impact css' sounds had, which actually made them sound like real guns
    as you can probably tell i dont play csgo too often

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  3. Why's everyone saying CS:S sounds are better? They are more loud and realistic, yes. But let's set aside our nostalgia and see why the sounds in CS:GO are like that. There could be multiple reasons such as easier weapon identifying they also maybe lowered the gun sounds so that team communication could be easily heard. But I still love CS:S and the memories that game gave me are amazing.

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