Counter Strike: Condition Zero PC Game Review

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With its extensive Tour of Duty campaign, a near-limitless number of skirmish modes, updates and new content for Counter-Strike’s…

47 thoughts on “Counter Strike: Condition Zero PC Game Review

  1. Condition Zero and deleted scenes is the reason I like shooters, it was great the first time I played out and it was great when I bought the valve source combo.

    I thought these were modes on a bigger game the first time, never took it as a full release until I see it was it's own title.

  2. Can't believe this game a one year before I was born, both Sonic Adventure 2 and CS:CZ were my childhood. And yeah, I liked Deleted Scenes despiste the AI mostly standing in one place and shooting, also for the suicide bombers and the dudes wealding the machetes, I thought they were really funny due to the way they run at the player. By the way this is totally what MW's font was inspired but on the Gold Source.

  3. I also playing Counter Strike condition Zero From last 8 Years I also Completed my 12000 Hours & this game is getting more fun When u play Online Multiplayer…I am from India. in India there are multiple Private Server for this game…Love to play Both 1.6 & Condition Zero….

  4. Fav CS game will always be CS:CZ. I've a few 100hrs into this game & by far my 3rd favorite game of all time. I understand & accept what Gggman says & maybe some of that made this game unique & special. Still remember memorizing the offline campaign bot names: Rebel, Fiend, Vandal, Razor, Bandit ….. all the way to top tier Spider, Snake, Wolfhound, Jackal. And then there was Maverick.

  5. Funny, because here in Romania a lot of people still play 1.6, including me ofc, and a lot of the servers are still full. Actually at 9:53 almost half of those servers are .RO and the other half .PL

  6. Good review,but i love CSCZ since in my teenage years i don't have internet so CSCZ is one way to go to play CS
    I also recently bought it on bundle(CS1.6,CSCZ,CSS,and CSGO)on Steam so it's good deal &nostalgia trip back,this is also my first FPS on PC

  7. i played this game to death i have all the buy combinations in my mind forever. i just appreciate the fact that i experienced a "1.6" like cs as a kid, because you know i wasn't around playing videogames when the original cs came out. 🙂

  8. If the whole world will be against this game i will not. Everybody hates this game, this game is similar to cs 1.6 just with some better stuff. This game is too in cs evolution so don't be against cs series.

  9. I loved Deleted Scenes, it has some really fun community made missions as well. Sure it's got plenty of flaws and feels rushed in places but remember that Ritual was working at a break-neck pace to meet Valve's arbitrary deadlines (the reason why Rogue and Gearbox had previously been removed from the project.) I also grew up on classic CS (poolday all the way man!) and I think CZDS is great fun.

    Ironically, I find the weapon recoil was fucked up the WORST in CS:S, I mean the game looks amazing for 2004 but the weapons feel so much less challenging to use compared to how they handle in 1.6 or, dare I say, Deleted Scenes.

    tl;dr I love CZDS and I think Ritual did the best they could for their resources.

  10. CSCZ was supposed to be an updated version of 1.6 with slightly better visuals, updated gameplay features, bots and ton of new content before the release of true successor. Also I quite like that they included scrapped content (and it felt like Opposing Force without aliens tbh). In the end CZ was a good way for people to enjoy CS offline, it has quite a lot of content and core gameplay is there to enjoy. Valve just hasn't overlooked development enough (and they learned that mistake by the time L4D got into development), giving too much creative freedom and not much of a direction.
    Also the idea of making a campaign for CS franchise finally resurfaced with Operations in CSGO. Valve style – they iterated and reiterated the whole concept until it fit the game flawlessly – CSGO is an amalgam of the whole franchise.

  11. Not gonna lie I had a blast with this. Didnt have internet at the time so the bots were awesome and there was a pretty cool campaign

  12. Pretty sure the bots difficulty just affects their reaction time and accuracy.
    At the very bottom, they'll stare at a player for like a full second and only shoot in their general direction, and at the hardest they're the typical literal 0 second reaction time and almost have the accuracy of an aimbot.

  13. I still prefer CS: CZ over GO. GO has resulted into one of the most cancerous communities out there. Sadly, nobody plays that game for fun anymore. It's about showing off gun skins, bragging how much money you have, or which squad is the best just because they shout in the mic like obnoxious 10 year olds. While I still play it sometimes, GO has lot its touch for quite a while. CZ is all the fun. It has countless servers, great solo mode missions that really give you challenges worth while, and is just a great time killer in general. I never get tired of CZ compared to the other Counter Strikes. Only if GO had the same vibe..

  14. I remember killing the important enemy through the wood, when I was supposed to throw a grenade in a hole in the glass
    The trigger only registered a kill when I did the latter

  15. I loved how the bots would sometimes team kill you with frag grenades immediately after mission start. And by 'loved' I mean stomping my feet screaming in frustration at how shitty this game was.

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