Counter Strike 1.6 console cheats/tricks

Want to see Counter Strike 1.6 console tricks. This video shows best CS 1.6 console cheats/tricks. You can use these console cheats/tricks in offline game against bot and on LAN servers created by you. These tricky console commands increase your fun in game.

This video also includes default value of many console commands. If any console command adversely affect your gameplay. You can reset to it’s default value.

Remember bro, you will need to reload map and type “sv_cheats 1” command in…

23 thoughts on “Counter Strike 1.6 console cheats/tricks

  1. Bind doesnt work in my leptop
    When i do (bind H *impulse 202*) it doesnt work, i tried (bind H impulse 202) and didnt work and if i did (bind h impulse202) the command work but impulse 202 doesnt

    When i do paper texture, my game just crash

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