Call Of Duty Black Ops – Game Movie

Call Of Duty Black Ops Game Movie


Gameplay: lapman17

Game Developer: Treyarch
Game Publisher: Activision

24 thoughts on “Call Of Duty Black Ops – Game Movie

  1. Aye I need so when mason yells at drag at the last mission for trying to make kill his own presdint and he said tried that means he really was brainwashed they year and then they completely wiped from his memory that he killed him that’s why they keep saying you don’t know anything

  2. The numbers are red
    The MKultras are blue
    The broadcast station gaves sleeper agents
    And The numbers lady telling
    6 13 6 7 15 14 0

  3. Aye cool fact the 3rd mission where mason is in the camp the steps that renzov says are they same ones to complete the Easteregg on origins from bo2 there is a lot of theories that he is connected to the zombies story line

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