Black Ops 4 vs Apex Legends… What Am I Enjoying More?

Today I wanted to share my thoughts and feeling on the current state of Black Ops 4 vs Apex Legends. What are your thoughts on these two games?



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39 thoughts on “Black Ops 4 vs Apex Legends… What Am I Enjoying More?

  1. Hey bro you say you’re enjoying Apex Legends a lot, can you please tell me how to enjoy it?? I’ve been playing for 2 days and I keep getting killed and haven’t gotten one kill I lose all my gunfights please help

  2. Respawn is just bringing the old memories of enjoying their games in their new battle royale style… Anyone who hates EA… Might miss a chance to enjoy this amazing game… For me its more fun than Fortnite(Not gonna talk about pubg coz its broken af) and BO4 needs an update

  3. Blackout is better because guns feel like they have more impact. In apex, the shields make people bullet spongy. I also prefer the bigger map in blackout and vehicles.

  4. Apex sucks! Die way too easy and the color of the armor does absolutely NOTHING to help you. Still die just as easy, may as well not waste your time trying to find armor. I’ve had all colors and it does nothing different!!!!

  5. I enjoy GTA more than both of these game bo4 is such a boring game and should be taken off the market it's that boring and unsupported

  6. Apex legends is as of 08.03.19 the best FPS and BR game available. It even managed to break my League addiction. Unless you are a competitive player in any other game, Apex should be your go to game. It`s a good fit for every type of player.

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