Asphalt 8: Top 5 Ways to Earn Free Tokens

Here it is: A highly demanded video from you guys. A perfectly legit, no-cheat, no-hack guide on how to earn free tokens in A8. Sorry for the delay, but this info has to be accurate before posting. For those watching months after this video has been posted, the game mechanics may have changed from now, but the tips should still work. Let me know what you guys want for the next Top 5 and I will put the 5 most liked suggestions in a YT poll.

Thanks to JW for the Devel gameplay.

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49 thoughts on “Asphalt 8: Top 5 Ways to Earn Free Tokens

  1. This game has me so angry, they never give me tokens, and i have to watch stupid ads to get just 10 and i do this every day but rarely do they give you tokens and one problem is the candy crush ad that locks up the whole game, and you can't close the ad you have to exit the game and of course you loose your bonus… it sucks, i want to get people to petition Gameloft to remove tokens from the game or at least offer more of them so we can get the thigns we need, I really hate that in order to get double nitro boost bar cost 200 tokens and to get double credits cost 100 tokens. of course that lasts all day but the double nitros bar does not last more then i think an hour in my last atempt to use it i am mad that i'm out of tokens so i can't get a mclaren car which is one i really need and now they are all by blueprint but not being offered right now. sucks. gameloft better fix the problems or else i'm history.

  2. I notice the amount of tokens ans credits you have ive never been able to get much. the fastest car i have is the Ferarri FXXEvoluzione its got lousy nitro it uses it up to fast. cant hardly win any race. Im at pro league multiplayer and just got into level 9 in carreer. i use a keyboard and it sucks trying to drift or wiggle to get nitro i get knocked out a lot and it i furiates me, i dont like usig my credits to get boosts but it seeems ads is one way. thanks for the info. have a great day.

  3. The hardest part here is when all you have is a keyboard . can't wiggle can't do gate drifts worth crap. its hard to drift at all without slowing down because the down key is the brake. and it says y ou have to press left while pressing down, that slows the car and i never can win a race in main menu races. i can win fine with career but not in mastery.

  4. I earn near 1000 tokens per month and… I prefer spending them for double credits… I use my Hennesy Venom GT which has max range, so I earn near 10000 credits in one race in 9 season, so I also have Devel Sixteen Prototype, Trion Nemesis, Renault RS Sport 0 1, Koeniggsegg One:1 and etc…

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